My experience with a pedophile catholic priests.
By Bryan G.

I had a couple of good friends that worked at Sacred Heart Parish in Grand Rapids Michigan. One was the principal of the school and the other one was the head of maintenance.
One day the principal was telling me how father Joe, the church priest and school chaplain was fondling little boys and giving them full nude body massages in the locker room after school. My friend didn’t know what to do about it, he was asking me what to do. I told him not to worry, I’ll figure something out. That night I called all the local T.V. stations & papers and told them what was happening. I didn’t tell my friend so he could have plausible deniability, but there was no way I could let this go, these evil priests were getting away with too many horrific crimes/sins. My friend was shocked when he showed up for work the next morning to a media frenzy. There were reporters from all the local media, channel 13, channel 8, from Kalamazoo channel 3, the Grand Rapids Press and some other papers.

What transpired next was even more disturbing. The catholic church paid off the families involved to keep them quiet and moved the priest to a smaller parish in northern Michigan.
Then, about a month later, one of the boys couldn’t live with himself anymore. He wrote a suicide letter detailing what the priest had done to him then he shot himself in the head with a shotgun, and worst of all, didn’t die. Now he has to spend the rest of his life disfigured from the shotgun blast and live with the thoughts of how that priest molested him.

From (search “View by Diocese” and choose MI-Grand Rapids)
1995 civil suit accused Kenshol of giving adolescent boys full body oil massages in the rectory of Sacred Heart Parish. Claims were later settled for undisclosed amount after underlying suits were dismissed by Court and Appeals Court. Diocese said behavior was “immature and inappropriate, indicating poor judgment but nothing more.” He was allowed to return to duty. Still active as of 1/11

See, he got away with it. Go to that site and you’ll see many more priests that have gotten away scot-free after raping or molesting children. They called it “immature and inappropriate”, what a horrible thing to say, the catholic church is so evil, what he did was criminal and they didn’t even fire him, that’s sick.


Another Priest Sexually Abuses A Child — No Comments

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