Pope Francis said Christians shouldn’t focus on the moral law. (Article here)

  He has his reasons. Many Christians today agree, teaching that, as exemplified in this article, it’s the “relationship” with Jesus that matters. I think they are both wrong, for Biblical reasons, and that the great blunder in believing such is that one ends up having a relationship with Jesus on one’s own term, not His (which, as Jesus makes clear in Mathew 7:22-23, is not a real, or saving relationship, at all). The author of this article adeptly points out the errors in the popular Christian understanding of what a relationship with Jesus should be (along with the error in Pope Francis’ statement on what Christians’ focus should be, too, though without that intent), and then makes clear what it needs to be, and what most of us Christians would want it to be if we understood the matter well, from the Word of God, Himself…

The damaging myth of “Relationship not Religion”
We’ve all heard it and probably said it at one point: “Christianity is not a religion but a relationship with Christ.” I have heard this repeated countless time….Read more