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This is just one of his many statements this new pope has made against God, and the catholics still follow him, what a shame. How terrible it will be when Jesus returns and everyone who follows this pope finds how wrong they were.

This is the problem with following a church instead of God, you could be kept from the truth and/or taught false doctrines. We are supposed to have a personal relationship with God and his son. We are to study the word of God. We are to go to church to worship with others, but in no way do we have to have a church to know God.

This pope is really good at what he does, he just goes against God a little at a time, so it’s not noticeable to people who are not close to God and his word. Yes, I’m calling poop Francis satanic, evil, hand of the devil, because he’s proved it from what he’s said. Here is what I find to be the most shocking, “God is not a divine being”, blasphemy, pure rebellion against God.

Pope says “God is not a divine being”
Besides saying that God is NOT divine, he also said that God is not able to do everything:
“When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician, with a magic wand able to do everything. But that IS NOT SO,” Francis said.
He also said that God only assisted in creation.

Next he says we shouldn’t worry about the 10 commandments. He said that following the 10 commandments paralyzes you, it takes away hope, doesn’t allow you to go forward.

If that is not enough, he claims that Jesus is so weak that it’s dangerous to try and have a personal relationship with him unless we involve the church. The entirety of the New Testament is all about having a personal relationship with Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God.


And how do you think this is happening? Protestants giving up the protest… Nothing about the catholic church has changed, all the reasons we protested are still taking place…
Jesuits have infiltrated the churches and moved up in the ranks, most pastors of most churches are jesuit trained. The jesuits own many colleges and universities, Georgetown is the most prominant, putting out kings, heads of state, kings and presidents as well as pastors, heads of industry. All you need to do is look up Georgetown University alumni..
Jesuits infiltrated the churches and are now joining them back up to the catholic church:

The papacy, well, the jesuits have been working hard at killing the reformation. In their beginning they tried to kill and torture all the reformers, but the more they did that, the more people would leave the church so they changed tactics and decided to infiltrate and subvert the protestant churches. They knew it would take generations, but they didn’t care, it was the end goal they cared about and they knew it would take more than one generation to do this. Now they have watered down Christianity so much, there are very few real Christians left. Those few real Christians will soon be targeted. This is the next step.