Atheist always claim that this country was not founded by Christians. I know it was, but couldn’t prove it, like they always point out, the only thing in the constitution was the word “creator” not God.

The first real piece of evidence I found, and this was only recently, is what’s written on the Liberty Bell:
From the Bible, Leviticus 25:10 “PROCLAIM LIBERTY THROUGHOUT ALL THE LAND UNTO ALL THE INHABITANTS THEREOF”. Why would they put a Bible verse on the Liberty Bell if they were not Christians.

Then I looked up “Christian Presidents and found this:

Name Religion Denomination Sect Notes
Thomas Jefferson Christian Anglican
Warren Harding Christian Baptist Northern Baptist
Harry Truman Christian Baptist Northern Baptist
Jimmy Carter Christian Baptist Former Southern Baptist
Bill Clinton Christian Baptist Former Southern Baptist
Calvin Coolidge Christian Congregationalist
James Garfield Christian Congregationalist Disciples of Christ
Lyndon Johnson Christian Congregationalist Disciples of Christ
Martin Van Buren Christian Dutch Reformed
Theodore Roosevelt Christian Dutch Reformed
George Washington Christian Episcopalian
James Madison Christian Episcopalian
James Monroe Christian Episcopalian
William Henry Harrison Christian Episcopalian
John Tyler Christian Episcopalian
Zachary Taylor Christian Episcopalian
Franklin Pierce Christian Episcopalian
Chester A. Arthur Christian Episcopalian
Franklin D. Roosevelt Christian Episcopalian
Gerald Ford Christian Episcopalian
George H. W. Bush Christian Episcopalian
James Polk Christian Methodist Former Presbyterian
William McKinley Christian Methodist
George W. Bush Christian Methodist Former Episcopalian
Andrew Jackson Christian Presbyterian
James Buchanan Christian Presbyterian
Grover Cleveland Christian Presbyterian
Benjamin Harrison Christian Presbyterian
Woodrow Wilson Christian Presbyterian
Dwight D. Eisenhower Christian Presbyterian
Ronald Reagan Christian Presbyterian Disciples of Christ Former Congregationalist
John F. Kennedy Christian Roman Catholic
Herbert Hoover Christian Quaker
Richard Nixon Christian Quaker
John Adams Christian Unitarian Former Congregationalist
John Quincy Adams Christian Unitarian
Millard Fillmore Christian Unitarian
William Howard Taft Christian Unitarian
Barack Obama Christian United Church of Christ
Ulysses Grant Christian[12] None specified (Nondenominational Christianity)[12]
Rutherford Hayes Christian[13] None specified[13]
Andrew Johnson None specified Many historians consider Johnson the least religious,
and the president who was least affiliated with
any religious group or identifiable religious philosophy.[14]
Abraham Lincoln None specified
  • Scholars and various sources have contradicting opinions
    as to whether or not Lincoln was a Christian.



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