FROM SERMON: At the turn of the last century, a Protestant magazine said this: “The Roman hierarchy has long looked upon America as their ‘promised land’, of which they would take full possession in due time. After a period in which the ‘heretics’ were in control of affairs…And when this country becomes dominantly Catholic, it is confidently predicted that the last hindrance of the conversion of the world to the true faith will have been removed, and Catholicity will triumph everywhere. As long ago as 1870 this expectation concerning America was so well understood on this side of the Atlantic that there appeared in an issue of Harper’s Weekly of October first of that year a full-page cartoon by Thomas Nash, the ‘promised land’ as seen from the view of the dome at St Peter’s at Rome. And in the same paper there was printed the following editorial note with the following title, ‘The Promised Land’. It said, ‘Mr Nash and the New York Herald seem to have hit upon the same idea with in regards to the future residence of the pope.’…. This was common knowledge in those days….
FROM SERMON: The article goes on to say, “…a vigorous effort in the United States at this time will reduce the opposition to an insignificant condition. In the course of another century, the Protestant sect will be a study for the historian…” This is an extract from a letter, “The Missionary”, a Roman Catholic periodical.
ME: There is a history that most Protestants and some Catholics today are unaware. It is that the Church of Rome (the Catholic Church) has wanted to control the United States for a long time, seeing the U.S., with its constitutional separation of church and state, and its dominantly Protestant populace as the greatest obstacle to controlling the world. In this sermon last Sabbath, by the pastor of my local church, this history is brought to light in context of the topic of religious liberty and Bible prophecy. I share this, hoping that those of my brothers and sisters in Christ, Protestants and Catholics, see this light and it draws them onward to see more…