“I thought the pope ROCKED! I vote for POPE FRANCIS for PRESIDENT! I have HOPE NOW for the world because it has someone who can lead it to PEACE AND SAFETY, and that person is POPE FRANCIS! I think I want to become Catholic… because of Pope Francis!”

I told my wife that these are the things I would be thinking, if I didn’t know what Jesus told us through His Word, the Bible, about the counterfeit Christianity that would exist at the end of time, and the man who would lead it, and the purpose behind it all.

Soon enough, mainline Protestantism in the U.S. will join forces with the Roman Catholic Church. This will seem a very good thing, to many. There will be reasons it will seem a very good thing, and increasingly supernatural signs and “wonders” will accompany those reasons. In doing so, those Protestant denominations will step further and further from using the Bible as the only source of truth, the ONLY means of understanding what is really happening in our world, today. Ultimately, they will have a form of godliness, but deny the very One they claim to love, worship and obey. They will not remember that a relationship with the Creator is on His terms, no one else’s. This has been foretold…

Lei and I have what some have termed a “ministry”, to share, as much as we can, a book called “The Great Controversy” . It was written over 100 year ago but relates completely to the Bible and what is going on this month with Pope Francis’ visit to the United States. It has a message for our time. We have sent this book to people in four continents per their request; and we have more copies, and will get more copies as the Lord brings in funds to do so, to give away to anyone who asks. We have also added a dvd to our offer that, as I see it, “walks hand-in-hand” with the subject matter of the book. The dvd is in documentary form. Lei and I will send, to anyone who asks, a set of the book and dvd, if you simply message me or her your address. THIS and YOU MATTER to us, that much! Please take advantage of our “ministry” and acquire the book and dvd- what is happening between the Papacy and the United States is a big part of what Jesus said would happen just before He returns, and He said over and over again that He wants us to know… He wants us to be involved in His plans, His goals, what matters to Him most, for His glory.

Or, perhaps a quick Bible study on the subject, first, to stir the interest:
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