Gold = Babylon
The head of gold represented Babylon, which was the ruling world power from 612-539 B.C.

Silver = Medo-Persia
The chest of silver represented Medo-Persia, the ruling world empire from 539-331 B.C.

Bronze = Greece
The thighs of bronze represented Greece, the dominant world ruler from 331-168 B.C.

Iron = Rome
The legs of iron represented Rome, which enjoyed world supremacy from 168 B.C.-A.D. 476.

Iron and Clay = the Divided Empire
The feet that were partly iron and partly clay represented a divided empire that would not cleave together. The kingdoms of what would become Europe have never united into one, and never will. This was foretold by the God of the Bible. The 10 toes represent the ten divisions into which Rome deteriorated:

Visigoths – Spain

Anglo-Saxons – England

Franks – France

Alemani – Germany

Burgundians – Switzerland

Lombards – Italy

Suevi – Portugal

Heruli – Rooted up

Ostrogoths – Rooted up

Vandals – Rooted up

In Daniel 7, Daniel himself, as an old man, has a similar dream, but with the same kingdoms represented by beasts, and the ten toes by horns on the fourth beast. It then adds details not given in King Nebuchaddnezzar’s dream, including what would happen to the three uprooted kingdoms, and the rise from amidst the ten by another kingdom, a little one, different from the others….one that has a man as its ruler and would, among other things, speak blasphemies against God. This kingdom still exists, today, as the prophecy foretold- but that’s another study.

Can someone exclaim, “Amen!”, or, at least, “Wow!” ?