Who is our Enemy and How is He Attacking us?

We all know satan is our enemy, but where is he working the hardest? What is it he want’s?

Is he taking over governments? Controlling politicians? Bankers? Industry leaders? Well yea, but that’s not the problem, because people would see what these leaders are doing and stop them. No, to control  the masses, you need more than just control of the leaders, you need a public that is unaware, oblivious, numb and DUMB… So we are his main target.

Satan want’s us! He want’s us to not be with God. As the Bible says, you’re either for God, or against God (Matthew 12:30), there is no middle ground. Satan doesn’t need to get you to worship him, he just needs to take you away from God, does that make sense?

Okay, so how can he do this? Well, the best way is to get to your brain, where you think and reason. As I grew up, there was a saying I don’t hear anymore, “you are what you eat”. This is the biggest and most important part of your life, as we all should know, is food. It’s what makes us recover from work, stress, sports, toxins and more. Without nutrition, we will fall apart. Our muscles, brain as well as all our of organs need nutrition to keep working properly.

Then there is another thing that plays into this, toxins. But I’m not just talking about air pollution or water pollution, I’m talking about all things going into the body that aren’t meant to. This includes drugs, and not just street drugs, the largest source is doctor prescribed drugs. Don’t get me wrong, there are certain circumstances where drugs are needed, but that’s rare and not what I’m discussing here. I’ll get back to this in a few.

As far as food goes, we are being brainwashed on diet to where people don’t even know what food is anymore. People think meals from Mc Donalds is food, it’s not. Your body is depleted of nutrition when you eat stuff like that. This also goes for all processed food, all the “easy to prepare” meals in the supermarket. Our bodies are designed to get nutrition from whole foods like grains, fruits and vegetables. But, as if fast food and processed foods aren’t bad enough, when we do go and buy real food from the supermarket, it’s full of herbicides and pesticides.

The healthiest people on the planet are in Okinawa, they have the longest life span, but it’s not about living longer, it’s about being active and healthy in your later years and they also have that. Who want’s a long life if your suffering from arthritis or cancer, arthritis or any other illness? A healthy lifestyle will not only give you longer life, but a healthier one. They eat right and keep active, I’m not going to write about it, you can read about it by clicking here.

Enough on food, what set me off to write this was what I noticed happening in the medical industry, and that’s what it is, an industry, for making money.

Flu shots
We are told to get flu shots every year, that is just another tool of satan to hurt your body and brain. for that I’ll just post a video from Dr. Mercola

So, many people are putting all that bad stuff in their bodies, and for what? Nothing! Here’s another issue, women are told to have mammograms annually to check for breast cancer, not knowing that mammograms actually cause breast cancer. Here’s an article from Consumer Reports (click here) that reveals the truth on mammograms.

I see a pattern here, they’re trying to make us sick, make us less intelligent. But who is it that’s trying to do this? That is the big question and for now, I’m not going to go into that, it’s up to everyone to learn what the real powers are in this world, and it’s not the visible government.

Then there is the widely growing problem of depression. What do doctors do for that? They prescribe psychotropic drugs. These are drugs that mess up the way you think, in fact it changes who you are, I know, I did zoloft for more than 6 months back in my early 40’s, and I became someone else. Here is an interesting article from Psychology Today (click here).

So, mammograms, depression treatment and the flu are being used to break us down, dumb us down. Then add the food problem to that and you’ll see, as they break our physical and mental abilities, we can’t even get good food to restore ourselves, no, we get food that helps the breakdown.

Then, as stated in the article from Psychology Today, we are having drugs pushed on us for every little thing like heartburn (easily cured by diet change), eczema (often treatable with diet change), weight loss (always treatable through diet change), acne (often treatable through diet change), erectile dysfunction (treated through diet and exercise) and so much more. So many of them list death as a possible side effect, really, you’ll risk death to have an erection or pimple free face?

Another thing everyone must realize, the medical industry wants us sick, because if we are all healthy, they won’t make their billions of dollars. This is common sense, they are in it for the money and it’s BIG money. If you really want to remain cancer free, diabetes free and free from all other ailments, DIET is the way to go. Your body was meant to be able to heal itself, and except in rare cases, it will with the proper nutrition.

Whole food plant based diet, that is what our body want’s, needs. This does not mean vegetarian, or vegan diet, but just make the largest portion of your diet plant based. Meat should not be eaten daily, dairy should not be consumed daily. Dairy was never meant to be part of our diet, cows milk was meant to grow a little cow to a huge cow in a short time. Dairy should be a “treat”. As far as meat, I’m not going to push to stay away, most people can’t, but keep in mind that the less you eat, the healthier you’ll be. People need to think about this, what nutrition do we need, then think of where to get it. Meat has very little nutrition, mainly protein, and a better source for that is actually beans.

I remember listening to Paul Harvey “News and Comment” back in the 80’s when he mentioned something that stuck with me. He said you get all the benefits you need from meat by eating 3 ounces a week. Wow, and how much does the normal American eat? Over eating meat causes diabetes, and look, there is almost an epidemic of diabetes happening in America… I’m not saying to only eat 3 ounces a week, just making you think about how much you need compared to how much you eat.

The main thing I want to get across is that bad diet and toxins are killing society, and there is no hope. Society will continue down this path until the return of Jesus, but there is hope for those who care, those who are willing to think, pray and change. Read labels, study, take care of yourself, it’s your life (or death).

Everyone’s diet should be as much organic food as possible. Beef should be grass fed pasture raised. Cows, like people, need sunlight to be healthy. They also need to roam and eat grass. The cows digestive system was meant to digest grass. Keeping cows indoors and feeding them grains makes them sickly. Eating meat from sickly cows, obviously, is not good for people. Chickens also need to be outside, pecking at the dirt, eating their natural diet and getting sunlight. Eggs should only come from chickens that live that healthy lifestyle. Farming practices are more important that most understand.

Everyone should also avoid Pharmaceuticals in most cases. I had a staff infection on my leg once. The doctor said it was really bad and I needed to get on antibiotic that day and it should clear up in about a week. I was sick of taking antibiotics so I decided to try something friends have been bugging me about, a charcoal poultice… So, when I got home from the doctor, I mixed a couple of table spoons of charcoal with water, smeared the paste on my wound, then wrapped it with wet paper towel, then wrapped my whole leg with saran wrap to keep the moister in. That night when I took it off, the infection was half of what it was. The next day I did the same thing….. that night the infection was gone…… 2 days with no antibiotics, compared to a week with. Then, with antibiotics, you wreck your gut. Antibiotics kill all the good bacteria in your digestive system, leaving you vulnerable to more sicknesses.

When my wife was pregnant she became diabetic, gestational diabetes. The doctor wanted her to take insulin, but she decided to keep it away through diet. She was strict with what she ate, the amount she ate and walking after every meal. Her blood sugar was perfect through the entire pregnancy. Of course you can’t do this with type 1 diabetes, but type 2 is mostly self inflicted and can be reversed or maintained through diet, people are doing it all the time.

Zegerid, Prilosec OTC, Zegerid and similar acid pump blockers are not needed in most cases. My daughter and I were both prescribed this dangerous drug, but instead we changed our diets and now there is no need. I think I’ll stop here, if you’ve read this far, then you are thinking and can do your own research.