The jesuits have been attacking America since it was started. People forget the main reason we started this country, it was to get away from papacy control in Europe. America is a result of the reformation movement by the protestants. The protestants are the enemy of the catholic church, or should I say that the other way around. The catholic church is protected by the jesuit military. Beside the other terrible things they’ve done like starting the civil war, killing president Lincoln (references here), they are the ones that wrote the Patriot Act. This was written before 9/11 but needed the horrific act of the twin towers attack to get America to allow it.

The patriot act stripped us of our rights but because it was in guise of protecting us from terrorist, people accepted it, then again, even if we the people didn’t want it, we have no say to stop it. This is what concerns me the most, this proved that our government knows they can do whatever they want and there is nothing we can do to stop them.

The man that wrote the patriot act is Viet D. Dinh. He, as you figured out, is a jesuit.

Beside using the 9/11 attack to pass the Patriot Act, it was a way to destroy evidence. It has been reported that thousands of sensitive files relating to some of the biggest financial scams in history — including Enron and WorldCom — were stored in the offices of building number 7 of the World Trade Center, the building that never got hit by jet and yet fell like :

  • US Secret Service
  • NSA
  • CIA
  • IRS
  • BATF
  • SEC
  • NAIC Securities
  • Salomon Smith Barney
  • American Express Bank International
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Provident Financial Management
  • ITT Hartford Insurance Group
  • Federal Home Loan Bank

If you look at the Georgetown university’s (and Boston college’s) alumni you’ll see the jesuits have infiltrated all these companies and organizations to the highest levels. Here are the alumni from Georgetown U.


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