PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE, BEN CARSON: ““Now, this whole creation/evolution controversy has been raging on, really, since the beginning because, what is Satan’s plan? To get rid of God,” said Dr. Carson. “To disparage God. To mischaracterize God.”

ME: There was a time when all Christians worshipped on the Biblical Sabbath, because they read in the Holy Scriptures that doing so was a “memorial” of a key role in their relationship to God as the Creator. They did so, too, because, well, they followed Jesus and Jesus worshipped on the Biblical Sabbath. Though most Christians today hold Sunday as a Sabbath, in honor of Jesus’ resurrection from the death of the cross, this sentiment is not what God commands anywhere in the Bible. In fact, the Bible says God deserves honor, glory and power because he is our creator (Rev 4:11); and, interestingly, the Bible cries out to us who live in the last days to worship God because, again, for the same reason the early Christians worshipped Him on the Biblical Sabbath, He is our creator. (Rev 14:7)

Point is, when we believe that God created everything differently than simply by the power of His desire- and this includes the concept of theistic evolution- we blur even more our perception of God’s character, the reason He created the seventh-day Sabbath, and the relationship He wants to have with each of us; and thereby we fall further from Him and His plan for us as His beloved created beings. The Bible tells us to “remember the Sabbath”, and in the last days to worship God as creator (if you compare the wording of Exodus 20:8 with Revelation 12:7, you’ll notice they are, essentially, the same)… and that the “saints” of the last days are described as those who (despite all present popular messages to honor God by worshipping Him on Sunday because of what Jesus did on the cross), have the same understanding about the Sabbath as did the early Christians- they keep the commandments of God (Revelation 14:12) with a faith of Jesus.